Privacy Statement

Since the introduction of the new GDPR, General Data Protection Regulation, in the summer of 2018, I want to inform you about how I plan to keep your personal information safe.

If you give me your contact details, which contains your name and identifying code number, they will be kept locked securely and during our first session I will ask you to sign these in order to check for accuracy and giving me permission to hold them.  I also keep notes of our meetings but these are stored separately and only identifiable by your unique client number. Names are not recorded, either yours or anyone else that you may have spoken about. The two documents are never held together which means that your identity is protected. You are free to see your notes if you wish to and ask me to make amendments to them if you judge them to be inaccurate.

I will not share your personal details with another person or organisation without both your knowledge and permission, unless I am obliged to due to legal requirements.

When our work is completed, your contact details are destroyed and your case notes are held for a year from the date of our last session together. After that time, these will also be destroyed.