Clinical Supervision

Clinical Supervision

As a therapist, having supervision is one of the most important things that you will involve yourself in. You will be working at a level with your client that goes way beyond ‘having a chat’ or giving some friendly advice. You will be in a relationship with someone where you will be hearing difficult material; feel personally challenged; have your own issues triggered; hold your client’s best interests at heart, while also being vulnerable to absorbing all the emotional discharge that is pouring out in the room. Quite a tall order, I think you’ll agree!

There may be times when you feel ‘stuck’ with a client and not know how to encourage some forward movement in the work. There may be times when you feel that you’ve made a real blunder, you’ve missed something significant or you find it hard to get on with a client. We’re human and that’s all part of our humanity. We make mistakes; we allow our own ‘stuff’ to get in the way; we feel uncomfortable with some of what is brought to us; we may get frustrated and angry, despairing or even bored. Surely this isn’t the way that counsellors should be feeling is it? Well, as I mentioned, we’re human too and some of this goes on at some level with most of us at some time.

My aim is to provide a space where together we can look at some of these issues in an encouraging and supportive environment where we can learn about, and understand our clients and ourselves a little better. I will want to promote an open and honest relationship with you, where giving and receiving feedback is welcomed and encouraged. I intend to nurture a place where we can be creative together, and where you feel that you can experiment with new ideas and insights. We will be able to look at some of the difficulties that you face, while at the same time, not forgetting to celebrate all the good work that is being done too.

Our work can be hard and lonely, so you need to be working with someone in your supervisory relationship that will be supportive and encouraging, as well as challenging and realistic. You may be working independently or in an agency setting, but your basic needs will be the same. You will need somewhere to share your caseload and to process what’s going on for you in it all. Together we will work according to the Ethical Frameworks as described by BACP and ACC in order to work through some of the ethical dilemmas that present themselves from time to time, and to look after the interests of your clients.

Whether you’re a student, just starting out on this exciting new venture, or an experienced practitioner who may be looking for a different supervision arrangement, why not contact me to see if I’m a good match for you and your work?

Are you a counselling student looking for personal therapy?

  • It may be a requirement of the course
  • Your training has brought personal issues to the surface
  • You want to experience ‘being in the other chair’
  • To develop your self-awareness and to understand what makes you, you